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CLAIRE represents the experience of a classy yet affordable bathroom. It was launched in NOVEMBER 2017 by A CLAIRE GROUP . Our products have been designed for maximum functionality, efficiency and aesthetics. Claire includes bath fittings such as faucets, showers, accessories and kitchen sink as well as sanitaryware, ptmt allied fittings , tiles, solvent, domestic pumps and submersible pumpsets. We endeavour to add elegance and personality to wing spaces, minus a heavy price tag..

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A one-piece closet seamlessly integrates the tank and bowl, offering space-saving efficiency and sleek aesthetics. With easy installation and cleaning, it combines practicality with modern design for any bathroom.

A wash basin pedestal offers classic elegance and support for the sink, elevating bathroom aesthetics while maximizing space. Its timeless design complements various decor styles, adding charm and functionality to any restroom.

A tabletop wash basin adds contemporary flair to bathrooms, sitting atop vanities or countertops for a stylish focal point. Its versatile design enhances functionality while creating a chic aesthetic statement.

Urinals offer efficient, space-saving solutions for male restrooms, promoting hygiene and convenience. Available in diverse styles and configurations, they enhance restroom functionality while minimizing maintenance requirements.

Pans form the foundation of hygiene and comfort in the bathroom. Designed for functionality and durability, they facilitate cleanliness and enhance the bathing experience.

A wall-hung closet optimizes space in the bathroom, offering a sleek and modern design. It provides ease of cleaning and installation while adding a touch of sophistication to any restroom decor.

An EWC (European Water Closet) combines modern design with efficient flushing systems, enhancing bathroom functionality and aesthetics. Its sleek appearance and water-saving features make it a popular choice for contemporary spaces.

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